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We seek to live by example, and because we believe in community, a certain percentage of the proceeds from every event we participate/sponsor is put back into the community, giving us the opportunity to continue to spread hope, knowledge, and love among our communities via on-going events. 

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We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with our programs, community events and outreach initiatives. If you are interested in becoming a valued volunteer please click the button below.  


Become a trusted sponsor today and invest in the future of one of our youth; every little bit helps. Unfortunately, a large portion of our youth live in high poverty/low income areas. Remember a little goes a long way. If you are interested in saving a life today or spreading hope, please click the button below.


We are always looking to build fruitful and long lasting partnerships with corporations, private donors, small businesses, schools, churches, social and civic groups. If you are ready to partner with a winning team, please don't hesitate and click the button below.

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